Novo modelo de baixo do Mark Hoppus!

Autor Por brunobld em 21/04/2009

Mark acabou de atualizar seu Twitter com um link para o seu blog com o novo baixo para a turnê de verão. Confira a foto e o post abaixo:

just got this photo of my new baby. new MH signature model bass, fresh out of the fender custom shop. mary-kay white (you can see the wood grain through the paint), white pick-guard (gonna try a black pick-guard as well), new pickup configuration (switched to give the D/G strings more body and the E/A strings more punch). this particular one has custom blink-182 smiley logos inlaid in the fretboard. so beautiful. it arrives at the studio tomorrow!! can’t wait to play it. a big sincere thank you to alex perez and everyone at the fender custom shop!! will take more photos when i see it in person, but alex just sent me this and i had to put it up.

Breve tradução.