Mais uma música nova do Angels & Airwaves: “Bullets In The Wind”

Autor Por Danilo Guarniero em 17/11/2014


Dezembro se aproxima. Com ele, também o lançamento do novo disco do Angels & Airwaves junto com a animação Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker. O AVA já liberou duas músicas desse trabalho que são “Paralyzed” e o single “The Wolfpack” (que já tem até clipe).

Até a data de lançamento do trabalho, programada para o dia 9 de dezembro, a banda prometeu liberar mais duas músicas, sendo que uma delas seria lançada hoje (17 de novembro).

Ouça agora “Bullets In The Wind” e diga o que achou nos comentários =)


Acompanhe junto a letra:

Army, army waiting for me
Set the dial to the radio free

Tie ‘n tether to the band on the run
Pick em’ up with the sound of your guns, woah-oh

Call em’ in, to the white of the eyes
Watch em’ dance, get kicked to the side

Chatter up in a forbidden tongue
Got you now eat the heart of the young

A Ritual, the words creep out
Like a ghost, the heart sinks down
An Animal, teethe reach out
Holding on, we’re coming up strong, up again

We dance like bullets in the wind
Over and over again
over and over again
We’re bringing life back from the dead

And follow the rat through the hole
Over and over we go
Over and over we go
So turn up the transistor radio
Trouble trouble, give me some more
cuttin’ deep going down to the core

Great Scott, the kids in the rain
We come together with the sound of a train

Shut and lock with a four letter word
Bite your thumb the car’s gonna swerve

Sound clatter, the crash city light
Hurry up- this kids gonna fight


Pick up the beat
and pry up the caskets
and call in the masses
and play us the song

Shuffle your feet
and exit the blackness
and call in the masses
You’re dancing along