Mais uma foto com letra de música do Blink-182!

Autor Por nath em 27/04/2011

O Mark postou em seu Facebook mais um pouco do trabalho do Blink-182. A letra parece ser a continuação da que ele havia postado anteriormente (para rever, basta clicar aqui). Veja a nova foto:

“Save your breath, you’ll need it for later

Save your money for a hired gun

Put the blade in the elevator

Hold tight the worst is yet to come

So lets drink another glass while we’re living in the past

And nobody can hear me now.

Pick the lock on the cage cos the children come of age

When the parents stop to take a bow

Nothing takes root in this barren soil

Baby give me the microphone.

The atmospher the atmospher it lifts me up and it nails me down

The life you fear will dissapear

Watching from the shadow of a helicopter.”


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