E mais uma música do Blink-182!

Autor Por nath em 26/05/2011

Mark postou mais uma foto de um rascunho com letra de música do Blink-182 em seu Facebook e dessa vez ainda “decifrou” o rascunho para os fãs da banda, confira abaixo:




Stop banging away on my kaleidoscope

Stop draining the water out of my sink

Just play me something i can dance to

I can dance to anything you want to sing


Lock me away in the studio

Filling up with smoke and scenarios

Stop blocking the driveway with your car

Put the butterfly in the bell jar


I need a long hard look at my jacked up mind

I need the hours and the overtime

I need some new friends

I need a fake ID

This is all i’ll ever need


Erase the progress on your game

Leave the hall light on in the west wing

Put the loudest songs on your mix tape

I can dance to anything you want to sing